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Using Fatty Acids for Learning Conditions

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Parents Turning more towards Organics and Supplements

Parents of young children and babies are turning more towards organic foods and even certain nutritional supplements when caring for their kids. The trend of organic product for the diligent moms and dads has now turned to nutrional supplements as well, according to herbal website iHerb.com. Moms have take to sites like Monicahealthmag to investigate products such as amino acid supplements and other trendy childrens nutrition products.

Organic produce has grown wildly in popularity over the past decade, however baby supplements has not be a popular sector until recent years. With more parents than ever considered to be "helicopter parents", constantly hovering and worrying over the welfare of their children, the rise in baby supplements is a logical effect of that.

The Atlantic recently produced an interesting piece on helicopter parents and how they are affecting the longtime psychological well being of children, however one has to think whether the border-line obsession with health at such a young age will have the same deleterious effects.

The Durham LEA would like to thank all those involved, especially the pupils and parents for their participation and assistance in these trials.

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