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Doctor's Debate on Ethical Research Continues

The ongoing battles on ethical research and medical testing continues, with no real end in sight. The conversation, even touching on such topics as ethical investment by venture capitalists and similar philosophical debates, has been raging for years drawing the ire and response of groups ranging from PETA, religious organization and even hedge fund managers.

The debate of ethical research is extremely important to the longevity of the medidcal community as well as all the business and industries supported by the medical research community (such as pharmaceutical companies, food science companies and even cosmetic companies, as well as all their investors). The National Institute of Environmental Health Science has provided an extensive guide to these practices and outlines how they are important to various industries.

How the ongoing debate will affect the bottom line of industries is largely unknown, but without the regulatory action of various governments it is not very likely that any real change will come. Activist groups, while attracting significant attention at times, are not very effective and moving the consumer or the investor away from any given companies.

The Durham LEA would like to thank all those involved, especially the pupils and parents for their participation and assistance in these trials.

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