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Using Fatty Acids for Learning Conditions

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Old Buildings Still Facing Problems with Asbestos

Thought by many to be a long-past issue, the problem of asbestos installations throughout old, pre-war buildings is still a strong concern. Spokesman from RJS, a noted asbestos inspector in the UK, spoke from their London Office: "Business has been good. More and more people seem to be discovering problems within their homes, especially when it comes time to sell". The chemical has been largely banned from construction for several decades.

If your home was built after 1950 you likely don't have to be concerned, although other products were manufactured with asbestos will into the 1970s. For some safety tips and advice on dealing with asbestos in the home you can try this Consumer Product Safety Commission Guide.

The Durham LEA would like to thank all those involved, especially the pupils and parents for their participation and assistance in these trials.

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