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Youth Football Leagues Return with New Season

It's that time of the year again as soccer moms and football mums start driving their young ones to football practices around the globe. The rush for uniforms, gloves and the best football cleats is underway (according to authorities on the subject such as Runnerclick). Attendance at Youth Football leagues is projected to reach record levels this coming year, with specific surges in UK, Denmark and the United States.

Official youth football leagues are a relatively new addition to the UK, only being officially added in 1997. However, as most people would assume, less official soccer/football games have been played for centuries throughout all of Europe. This is not a trend that shows any signs of slowing, it is even growing in the United States, which has historically been resistant to accept soccer as a widely played sport.

The Durham LEA would like to thank all those involved, especially the pupils and parents for their participation and assistance in these trials.

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